Worth the price and great location

We liked to remain at Xtudio. It’s an excellent place in the center of 5th Avenue, so it’s easy to come and go through the day. The rooms have all you want. We particularly appreciated the option to visit the shore towards Tulum. The beach there’s absolutely fantastic! To get 450 pesos, you receive a cab driver there and back, seats at the beach and also you may utilize 300 pesos for meals & beverages.

Do not overlook this opportunity! In Playa del Carmen we ate everything without any tummy issues! Mexico gave a fantastic vacation in lots of ways.

Fantastic customer support from the receptionists arrived earlier than, and also the cleaning team decided she had space for us while we had been performing an early test in. Some people of the staff suggested theĀ snorkeling tours in cozumel for me and my girlfriend. And that sounds fun. Beautiful area, fantastic view to La 5ta Avenida. Definitely will return to the resort.

The hotel area is quite beautiful. Worth the cost. My cellphone was stolen from the Guacamundo hostel, and so I shifted to here the exact same night, and man reception was very beneficial. I used a notebook there to reserve my ticket, and he advised the morning change reception to wake me up in the afternoon because I didn’t have an alarm. It had been shamed I needed to depart unplanned. When I have an opportunity to return, I indeed remain in here.

This is our third season in a row remaining with Xtudio relaxation, and it was all we have come to anticipate. Wonderful customer service, clean rooms, comfy beds, and exceptional price. We’re scuba divers and invest the majority of our time at the water. We appreciate a clean, comfortable place to sleep during the night and this location perfectly matches our requirements.

The front desk employees are exceptional. Housekeeping was friendly and quite comprehensive. Our room was always, and they moved out of the way with towel artwork that became something we all looked forward to watching what they’d come up with this day. It was a fantastic stay.

Fantastic location right on the fifth avenue, close all restaurants, excellent food, beach, and shopping. Staff was accommodating and welcoming, in case your trip is for to understand Playa del Carmen most crucial places this is a superb selection. Ana also advocated amazing beach clubs to invest the day and got us a fantastic price deal.