A true Michelin star restaurant

Because we’re big foodies, we’re eager to go to Ha’ here in Mexico. The decoration of the place is magnificent, the service has been educated and perfect, and the wines and food itself were exceptional. Every class functioned was odd, delicious and different. Certainly worth the extra fee!

This location is outside. We had 8 classes, which were small they were the ideal size. We also did the wine-pairing, together with wines from all around Mexico, which has been a fantastic cure and homage. Loved the food is really Mexican gastronomy, not entirely French-influenced.

Though it might look strange to cover an expensive restaurant while remaining in a comprehensive, this restaurant could take weeks to find a reservation when it had been situated in downtown Toronto (where we’re from). Food was outstanding, support was even better. Excellent addition to our incredible trip.

My loved ones and I seen Ha’ in the tail end of the holiday and it was fantastic. The service was terrific, the food was yummy and unique. The staff recommended taking theĀ cozumel jeep tour with our group. I am not the pickiest man in the world, but I am for sure not the most outgoing try what they put before you. You won’t be disappointed.

Ha has been a wonderful experience on each level. The food was yummy and so inventive, and the ceremony was so thoughtful and attentive. Among the absolute most exceptional dining experiences I have ever had. This was my parent’s first time in a restaurant of the level, and they had been totally blown away. I really don’t have anything negative to say about dining here, I would encourage you to get it done and understand it is worth every penny!

Worth every cent of the 110per individual with wine pairings contained and approximately 10 classes. It is a series that requires nearly 4 hours. It never felt as though I had been waiting for another dish or another pairing.

I tell them that I’d have to be accommodated and they did exactly that without hesitating. Love the restaurant!