Amazingly beautiful!

WOW! Just walk out into the store, and you’ll be able to snorkel immediately. No ship ride, go and you’re going to see tens of thousands of tropical fish, and a sunken boat and the water will be SUPER CLEAR! The staff is quite pleasant.

We have made it a reasonable thing to order room service for almost all of our foods and the food is good(not great but good). The restaurants were amazingly high, although the breakfast was only ordinary. We also hired a personal vessel to visit the reef straight from the resort to snorkel.

Somewhat expensive(roughly $700 for the three people ) but I believe worth it. The water in the reef was CLEARER! We found Maui and the Big Island had good snorkeling, but this location has been way, and above the other people, I highly recommend a stay here to the snorkeling independently.

It was a fantasy! Superior support with cozumel coral reef restoration program tours recommendations, super clean, fantastic food and above all, safe. So lots of people discouraged us from travel to Mexico, and that I am glad we did not listen! Here is the only place to remain at Cozumel; I can not wait to return!

The highlight of this vacation (for my spouse along with the women ) will most likely be the fantastic Scuba-du Diving School that is located at the resort. They had passed the pool and classroom component of their PADI examination and only had the water piece to proceed when we came. My husband corresponded with Scuba-du ahead and reserved the last sessions until we arrived. We had been delegated Sandra and Marina for its four open water dives, and they have been brilliant. We can not thank them enough.

The diving was a massive success, and we made plenty of friends for this. It’s a real conversation starter. It’s a gorgeous location. My family saw plenty of marine life such as turtles, barracudas, vast plantations, eagle rays, octopuses, sharks, and even more!

Great hotel. Mexico has an issue with sargassum (seaweed) at the moment, but it’s not influenced by this aspect of this island. The other hand has plenty, and you would not wish to swim in the sea. Playa del Carmen on the mainland has plenty and all along that shore.