Fabulous Stay

The food was the best I’ve had in an all-inclusive. Very nicely presented, superb taste, and refreshing ingredients. The buffets were well provided and different every evening.

The shores were relaxing and tranquil, and the seats in the pools were ample. Sunset beach was the greatest, using free water and the pub there on the coast along with Jamaican poultry cooked there was also a bonus to your midday alcohol inhabiting needs.

The night shows were great, some for your kids and afterward for its adults. Although if the children stay up after the show at night was suitable for them too.

Good songs in the water rowing class. It was a superb experience. Special thanks to that individual that let’s have a great time with their action in the pool. Such a gorgeous resort on a magnificent island. The team told us about the cozumel mini sub excursions we can take with our family. Sounds amazing.

This was our very first holiday to Jamaica apart from a cruise. We loved it and can not wait to return. We call the hotel our cruise boat on land. You did not need to leave the hotel for anything. One of our favs was the kayaking.

I really like it. The team treats you nicely! I had been amazed by just how clean they maintain their centers. The sole concern is that we could not get staff to help with obtaining the secure open to place our personal products.

The team was quite helpful and considerate. Food, beverages, activities just fantastic. I definitely would return to the hotel.